Cunning cats – The 10 Costliest Breeds Of Cats To Insure

Turn off the lights

It seems like this cat has decided that his sister’s little party is done and that it’s time for him to go to bed. 
We always knew that cats could sometimes defy gravity, but this astounding jump is on whole other level (pun intended).
In our opinion, this cat ability might have significant practical applications for people. 
Someone has to design new method of turning lights on and off, preferably with the phrase “cat on, cat off.”


The fact that cats are notoriously mischievous is well-known, with many owners having had to deal with scratches on furniture or destroyed curtains as evidence of their pet’s naughty behavior. Even though these felines can cause property damage, few people consider it when deciding whether to get insurance for their mischievous pet. However, the cost of insuring a cat may be more expensive due to the higher risk these cats pose; this is because insurers take into account the increased likelihood of property damage they may cause. Therefore, owners should be mindful and proactively prepare for the increased costs associated with owning a naughty feline.

Wannabe Tiger

Wannabe Tiger Of course, it is no secret that cats and tigers are long-lost cousins. At the end of the day, tigers are just really big cats that are much more difficult to domesticate than small house cats. It seems like the following cat has some sort of identity crisis.

Wannabe Tiger

Although many cats have stripes and patterns that mimic their larger cousins, this one’s color scheme gives the impression that it’s attempting to pass for a tiger.

Certainly not me!

Some cats have markings that make them seem to always be experiencing the same mood. For instance, look at these two adorable young ladies. Over each of their eyes, they each have a set of marks that give the idea that they are able to sense one of three sensations.

It Wasn’t Me!

They are either shocked by what has occurred, saddened by something completely different, or feel terrible over an action they committed. Still, I suspect that what they really want is some quality playing with their master.


The Ace of Spades

At times, the patterns on cats’ coats seem too wonderful to be true, while at other times, they appear completely at random. The latter is exemplified here. What in the world could have caused a cat to be born with a spade-shaped marking on its belly?

The Ace of Spades

The fact that playing cards are typically white and the ace of spades is black makes these marks all the more awesome. That’s why this is the opposite!

The 7 Most Expensive Cat Breeds To Insure

1. Persian $317 per month

The Persian cat is one of the oldest breeds in existence and remains the most popular breed among domestic cats today. Persians also happen to be one of the most expensive cat breeds to insure, as their pedigree and long coat require regular grooming maintenance that can become costly when not properly cared for. Persian cat insurance policies often cover specialist treatment or surgery in case anything does go wrong. The Persian is one of the most sought-after cat breeds in the world and has been around since the 1600s. It’s hard not to love this breed with its long, soft coat, chubby bodies, and squished faces.

2. Maine Coon

The Maine coon is the largest domesticated breed of cat and comes with an equally large price tag when it comes to insurance. With an impressive physical stature, these cats are well-known for their intelligence, loyalty, and affectionately gentle personalities — all attributes that come with a hefty price tag when it comes to medical attention as they age gracefully over time. Policies usually include specialized tests, medications and equipment related to illness or injury they may face in various stages of life.

3. British Shorthair

The British shorthair is a friendly breed that bonds closely with its family and is known for being quite independent and playful too! With their short but thick coats and signature round eyes, these cats can prove quite expensive when it comes to finding quality pet health insurance coverage due to their particularly sensitive digestive systems which requires more specialized testing than other breeds may need.

4. Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are larger than average house cats standing at around 25 inches in length which can prove quite costly if you’re wanting good pet insurance coverage due to their size alone! Aside from this however these cats have an array of eclectic patterns on bright fur coats that sets them apart from your typical housecat which also makes them more expensive to insure as certain pigmentations are linked to certain genetic diseases or illnesses that would potentially require additional treatments or surgeries such as radiation therapy should something go wrong down the line when treating any kind of illness your Bengal might suffer from in years ahead.

5. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian maus make compelling companions – very intelligent, engaging, active little characters who will happily rub against your legs all day long! While t hese charmers are relatively healthy compared many other feline breeds, it’s worth noting there’s a distinct lack of purely Egyptian mau-only insurers out there due to their smaller population size resulting big some hefty premium payments if you’re expecting full coverage on any pre-existing conditions they may have inherited before entering into your home/care environment outside its original one (if known).

6. Ragdoll Cat

Another beautiful breed likely familiar among many indoor cat owners out there is the ragdoll – arguably one of the cuddliest yet nervous felines around today! These particular felines have notably longer coat lengths than others contributing towards why they tend be more expensive pets when it comes too covering healthcare costs given vagueness within whether fur plays any direct role within effecting overall health down the track (something policy runners don’t like openly leaving up for interpretation). It’s best consulting with a vet before committing too much money into purchasing cover early so you know exactly what type/lengths are required for optimal assurance later further down should anything arise out unexpectedly past ages 1/3 appropriately sorted sooner rather later as prices unfortunately do tend increase overtime despite understanding why happy worry free reality owning something potentially unfairly deemed unaffordable luxury amongst kitty carers today!

7. Siberian Cat

Last but not least we come upon probably arguably loudest bassiest purrer out there – Siberia Cats – who arguably earn title ‘most beauty eyelashes award 2017’ with graceful fluffy white coats complimented patented sea green eyes undeniably stunning addition any petting showroom unrivalled hence target extra pocket change needed look after parturition wealth unforeseen accidents illnesses advanced age time demanded instant peace mind justifies every penny spent proving unwavering dedication protecting beloved fuzzball face times storms uncertainties board during stormier days year actuality never live preparation could made easier now reaping rewards proactive measures taken before tides ever rise blessedly safe dry eternally grateful ❤️


When this cat heard the word “monopoly,” he knew what he had to do: take over the whole game. 
Everyone has that one buddy who is always trying to outdo everyone else by purchasing the most expensive homes on the most expensive blocks.
However, there are always those pals who take “Free Parking” at its value and plunk down their massive hairy bodies right dab in the center of the gaming mat. 
Whoever you think is more obnoxious will remain mystery to us.

Try Me If You Dare

This cute black cat has been keeping tabs on his smartphone use and has deduced its extreme value to him.

Just Try Me

That makes her unhappy, but it also serves her purposes, as she can now demand things while threatening to rip the charging cable, which will likely cause the phone to fall and shatter. Based on what our cat translators have deduced, she wants catnip twice a week, a new scratching post, and to rule the world.

The Truth’s in Front of Your Nose

Some cats really have marks on their bodies that mimic the shapes of other cats. You don’t see cats with the faint outline of another cat on their nose very frequently.

The Truth’s in Front of Your Nose

Unfortunately, the identity of the photographer of the shot of the kitten born with a feline nose shadow remains unknown. But whatever you were, we applaud you. It’s almost if this kitty was born with the intention of doing it.

Mr. Invert

In most cases, black cats have an edge over their non-black counterparts. Our feline pals are experts in stealth; they can sneak up on us silently. Black cats, in particular, are adept at concealing themselves in the shadows.

Mr. Invert

This particular cat, though, has a little of trouble in that respect. Since their nose is pink and the rest of their body is black, this is the most apparent explanation.

Suit & Tie Occasion

The dark patch beneath this cat’s chin looks suspiciously like a necktie to us. We can’t get over how cute he looks with black beans on his paws; he must be going to a fancy party.

Suit & Tie Occasion

But what we’re really curious about is how he came to seem like he was recently arrested. “I swear to you, sir, that it wasn’t me. This was my sibling, Sir. Purs-a-lot!” It doesn’t matter, cat; just keep your paws where we can see them.

Number One Pattern in the World

When was the last time you spotted a number-shaped pattern in a cat’s fur? The fact that this cat’s nose seems to include the number one is a mystery we just can’t solve. So, you know what?

Number One Pattern in the World

We’re also certain that the owner has noticed this, as the cat is constantly referred to as “the best there is.” The surrounding black fur does a great job of drawing even more attention to the singular form.